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Mission Statement

The mission of the Nevada Health Professionals Network (NHPN) is to promote the success of the Nevada medical community. NHPN will do this by facilitating positive networking and business growth opportunities through an interdisciplinary team environment including medical professionals in academic, community, and business settings. Overall NHPN will contribute to the economic development, sustainment, and growth of our medical community in Nevada and beyond and enhance the level of care provided to our patients and community overall.


NHPN will become the premier resource for health professionals and advocate for the medical community in Nevada and beyond.


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Our Mission

The mission of the Nevada Health Professionals Network is to promote the success of the health community in Nevada and beyond. This will be done through the following activities:

Networking events aimed at bringing together interdisciplinary teams of health professionals from various fields and settings to include academia, community medicine, and business groups. These events will help build a larger and highly functional team serving patients in Nevada and beyond. These events will occur at least on a quarterly basis and will be led by organizational members and leadership.

Educational events that will provide CME credits to health professionals while addressing relevant topics to our specific healthcare needs in the state of Nevada and beyond. This will enhance the professional development of our healthcare community and further the goal of better care for patients in our state. These events wHI occur on a quarterly basis and wHI be led by experts in the fields relevant to CME topics.

NHPN through its network will create a platform for the recruitment and retention of health professionals in Nevada and connect health groups and institutions with members of the network for the benefit of all. This will assist in retaining and growing our health professionals community and fill many of the shortages in healthcare that we have in our state. Recruitment events will be open to member institutions, health groups and other community assets as well as all members of the network.

Through networking events, publications, and member driven initiatives. NHPN will be able to identify and promote important issues for both our healthcare professionals and the patients which they serve. Through this NHPN will advocate for related healthcare initiatives and public policies aimed at enhancing our overall healthcare sphere.

Our Team

Board Members

Harry Singh

President & CEO

Steven Peralta
Donna Miller

Executive Director

Faith Ramos

Director Business Development

Stephanie Ramos

Communications Director

Rita Vaswani

Advisory Board

Garima Bhardwaj

Newsletter Editor

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